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Porcelain Restoration in Action

Porcelain restoration turns heartbreak to joy when that family heirloom is returned to its former glory.

  • swarovski restoration
    Swarovski Unicorn restoration
    swarovski restoration
  • boehm dove restoration
    Shattered porcelain is no problem
    boehm dove restoration
  • majolica candlestick restoration
    These Majolica candlesticks were missing several pieces
    majolica restoration
  • florence lace restoration
    A true challenge: missing lace on a Florence figurine
    florence lace restoration
  • hummel restoration
    Restoration of a shattered Hummel figurine
    hummel restoration
  • boehm eagle restoration
    boehm eagle restoration
  • meissen blackamoor restoration
    This Meissen piece was missing the horse's head
    meissen blackamoor restoration
  • weller vase restoration
    This Weller vase was missing the top 3 inches
    weller vase restoration
  • cybis restoration
    Restoration of a shattered Cybis head
    cybis restoration